Content Analysis of Time Management as a Tool for Corporate Effectiveness


  • Nick A. Obodo Department of Business Management Godfrey Okoye University, Enugu, Nigeria.



Time management, Corporate effectiveness, Priority, Time-frame, Goal.


Other factors are sometime attributed as reasons for increase in productivity and growth in measuring efficiency in management of resources while time that plays major role in the overall development is slackly treated with negligence. Effective time management is one skill we must learn for increased productivity and efficiency. This paper re-evaluates the content analysis of time management as a tool for corporate effectiveness and revealed that time management is not only beneficial to managers at all levels of management and to other category of workers, but is also very important in the practice of any profession. It recommendations among others are: avoid unnecessary waste of time, occasional confusions, chaos, blankness in the head and stress, by planning your activities in relation to time and adhering strictly to schedules; prioritize your activities and always set a time-frame for accomplishing any goal; and allow your schedules to control your performance and not the other way round.


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Obodo, N. A. (2018). Content Analysis of Time Management as a Tool for Corporate Effectiveness. International Journal of Applied Economics, Finance and Accounting, 2(2), 36–39.